About us

Dealing with the challenges of today such as experiencing prolonged times of isolation and non-contact from other beings among the disabled, older people, people dealing with mental health issues and those dealing with life changing events require problem-solvers like Gwinyai Masaka and Dr Caroline Lee who created Social Call Services to combat this pandemic. Both Gwinyai & Dr Caroline have extensive experience in Health and Social Care with a teaching and nursing background respectively. Social Call Services emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the vulnerable in our communities who live in isolation due to having lost their loved ones or those who find themselves living alone for many other reasons. We are driven by the desire for our actions to speak louder than words through our innovative telephone based befriending service connecting service users to a variety of activities, such as among others day care centres, cookery classes, walking clubs and art groups. Established in 2018, we’re an organisation driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support. On the 15th of October 2018 the UK Government launched a loneliness strategy and Social Call Services fully supports this. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/pm-launches-governments-first-loneliness-strategy


                                                                                  Gwinyai Masaka                                            Dr. Caroline Lee

meet the team







Brendan Murphy

Hi there, I’m Brendan and I am a Tele-Support Worker at Social Call Services. I’m here because I like to listen to others and want to help people wherever I can. Since we provide a service for people who are isolated and lonely for whatever reason and that is all based around talking, this is a great place for me to be. Personally, I am interested in science and have a biomedical science degree. I find many different aspects of this fascinating, though I mainly enjoy stem cell science and neurobiology. I also love films, I like all different kinds of films, and given the right circumstances could talk about them for hours.







Mary Adedeji

Hello, I am Mary, I am an office Admin at Social Call Services. I see myself as an assertive individual. I like baking in my spare time as well as creating websites. I graduated from university with a bachelor's degree with honours in Information Systems. I believe these skills have equipped me to be more effective while working at Social Call Services. Moreover, from when I started working at Social Call Services it has not only built up my skills, but it has also built up my confidence as well. I enjoy coming into work every day and working with my colleagues at Social Call Services as they are all a friendly team. We look forward to meeting you for a friendly chat any day and any time.







Jade Wilson

Hello, my name is Jade. It is an absolute pleasure to be working as a Tele-support worker for Social Call Services, helping to unite people who are feeling isolated and lonely and battle against the rising levels of loneliness. I have faith in Social Call Services and believe we can be greatly beneficial to many; I am passionate about the world and the people who live within it. I enjoy listening and learning about people as well as, looking after plants, taking care of my family, cooking and art. I must admit, as much as I like plants, some do not seem to like me, but it does not deter me from constantly buying more. In addition to this, I love hearing about people’s passions, ideas and experiences and talking about a vast variety of topics. We would love to hear from you so please do not be hesitant to contact us through Social Call Services.

Joice Baptista

Hi there, I hope you are well, my name is Joice, and I joined Social Call Services as a Tele-support Worker. Despite being an introvert growing up, I have always been a great listener and enjoyed helping people through difficult situations in life. This later on caused me to develop an interest in understanding people's mind and behaviours, which meant studying Psychology at university. Additionally, my interests include ART, movies/series, fashion, psychology, spiritual topics and much more. I look forward to meeting and talking to you.

Tanya Mashiri

Hi, My name is Tanya and I work for Social Call Services as an Office Administrator, I am outgoing, love travelling and meeting new people. I love listening and dancing to music from all different cultures and genres. Whilst being at Social Call Services, I have gained new skills and have become more understanding to other people’s needs and my goal is to make a positive impact in other people’s lives while in their own communities.

Louise Banton

Hello! My name is Louise. I work for Social Call Services as a Tele-Support Worker, I chose to work here because I am passionate about supporting people who live in prolonged periods of isolation and would like to make a difference in their lives. I like cooking, eating, gardening and all kinds of animals. My favourite meal to cook is teriyaki salmon and white rice, and I love eating sushi. My favourite animal is a cat, recently it was a cheetah but these days I like house cats more, I am also a protestant Christian. I like to watch anime and ghibli movies, my two favourite ghibli movies are spirited away and howls moving castle, my favourite anime is one piece, and my second favourite is attack on titan. I sometimes like to take walks and I love sweets.







Mahir Ahmed

I am Mahir, I like meeting new people and talking to them. I like swimming and going to the gym. I also like travelling, it helps me clear my mind and I get to meet new people and find out the things they like to eat and do. I enjoy my job as a tele-support worker at Services Call Services a lot because I know I am doing something I am passionate about, thus helping and providing support to people living in isolation and hopefully make a positive difference in their lives, while signposting them to community-based activities which contributes to making them build their confidence.

Ledi Otoko

My name is Ledi I have always been interested in a job where I can make a positive difference to people’s lives. What I enjoy most about working at Social Call Services is seeing people thrive and improve. How people feel proud of themselves when they achieve a task, spurs me forwards and onwards and the smile on their faces blow me away knowing that I was part of their journey. I recently obtained a degree in Criminology with Law and this course provided me with a range of transferable skills. While studying I met many people who had a variety of career aspirations and plans, I had not thought of before. It was someone on my course who influenced me to go travelling. I now use travel as an escape from daily life. Having future trips already planned brings me a lot of joy and gives me something to look forward to. I like to explore new things, new places, new views, new people, I love to see how other cultures eat and dance! I believe food and music is the best way to interact with people if you can’t speak each other’s language. Getting involved in other people’s lived experiences is the best way to know them better.





Sayefaldeen Suleiman

Hiya my name is Sayef and love exploring the world and its peoples. I like working as part of the Social Call Services team, as we jell so well. Social Call services has platforms people who live in social isolation connect with others to learn about their interests, listen to them closely and discuss issues of interest to them. I like traveling, sports, motorbikes, going on adventures and reading new books. I am more interested in reading books and learning history and would love to hear your stories. I am also currently studying business management, and this will also help me explore and learn about other people’s business experiences and passions. Overall, I am passionate about meeting you to learn about your interests, skills, and all kinds of stories. Call us and join us at Social Call Services and let’s have a chat!

Javed Miah

Hi I'm Javed! I’m a tele-support worker at Social Call Services. I was in shock and awe when I first heard about Social Call Services and how it’s been shaping up over the years and being here has given me a vision where I myself can interact with people and make their day even better. This opportunity is exciting because if you really think about it, being lonely and isolated is no fun at all and what we’re here to do is build a positive, ongoing and healthy experience. Here is a little slice of my life and what I enjoy doing: I’m a tech savvy individual who knows a thing or two. I’m deeply interested in gaming and watching anime and not to mention I’m a huge Marvel fan. Please don’t be afraid to connect with Social Call Services, we would love to meet you.

Kofoworola Agunbiade

Hello, my name is Kofo, and I am a Tele-Support Worker at Social Call Services. I wanted to work here because I am passionate about supporting people with mental health issues and are socially isolated as a result. I have had a desire to work with vulnerable and stigmatised populations. Therefore, when I heard about Social Call Service’s mission to alleviate loneliness among isolated populations, I naturally jumped onto the bandwagon. My passion for mental health led me to study a master’s degree in Neuroscience. Besides Neurobiology, I enjoy discussing current political issue, reading, watching movies, listening to music, and meditation. I enjoy conversing with people on a wide range of different topics and learning from other people’s life experiences. Please feel free to contact Social Call Services for a friendly chat!

Latisha Bynoe

Hello, hope all is well! My name is Latisha, I am a very caring person I am interested in music, art, gaming, fashion and beauty. In my free time I love to write music, sing and paint as I find that it is very therapeutic as it keeps my mind in a positive state. Also, I love socialising and meeting new people which is why I work for Social Call Services as a tele-support worker. At SCS we are a team of friendly people that provide a service for people who are marginalised from main society through isolation. I am looking forward to having a conversation with you and find out a lot more about you.

Xavier Charbonne

Hi, my name is Xavier, I'm a Tele-Support Worker at Social Call Services. I'm passionate about health and social care especially mental health, so I'm very motivated and determined to do my best in supporting people who live in prolonged periods of isolation for whatever reason; I'm naturally talkative and I easily connect with people.  I love gardening, farming, reading, music, good food and more.

Natasha Martin

Hello, my name is Natasha, I have a caring personality which is why I love working as a Tele-Support Worker at Social Call Services. I am a person who loves animals and have previously studied Animal Management. I have a pet rabbit but also love dogs, cats, hamsters and guinea pigs. My other passions consist of reading, painting, baking and talking about climate change.

Tahirah Begum

Hello, my name is Tahirah, I am a tele-support worker at Social Call Services. Among other interests I love baking, socialising with friends and family as well as making other people happy. I also like reading books and learning new things. I enjoy exploring and going out discovering new places and its peoples. I like helping people out in the hope of making a difference to their lives. Please feel free to contact Social Call Services for a friendly chat!

Haleema Qureshi

Hi, my name is Haleema, a Tele-Support Worker at Social Call Services. We provide a service for people who are isolated and lonely. I joined Social Call Services as I liked the idea of what they do as a company and wanted to be a part of it as I like supporting people come out of difficult times. I have studied Health and Social Care and believe the skills I have learnt come handy when supporting people who live in prolonged isolation. Here is a little bit more about myself: I like visiting new places, shopping, spending time with loved ones as well as supporting those living in loneliness.

Tanvir Choudhury

Hi, my name is Tanvir. I am a tele-support worker at Social Call Services.  I have a deep passion for helping people and I love working for Social Call Services, I believe it is an innovative approach to care and their values of care and compassion for the vulnerable are very inspiring.  I have a keen interest in learning and self-improvement, I enjoy going to the gym and travelling.  I also love reading and spending time with my family. I am a passionate Arsenal Fan and love football.  I aspire one day to become a teacher; I am a recent Education Studies degree graduate and specialised in Philosophy, Religion and Psychology.  Working at Social Call Services, enables me to play a significant part in improving other people's lives and provides an excellent platform for growth and empowerment in people and the wider community.






Heidi Clayden

Hi, my name is Heidi and I'm a Tele-Support worker at Social Call Services. My friends would describe me as a caring, funny and a very sociable person, which in this line of work, I guess makes perfect sense. My hobbies include gaming, watching and reading anime/manga as well as swimming and meeting up with my friends. At the moment in terms of swimming, I can't do it because of covid-19! I also did hairdressing in college, so I am a qualified hairdresser, however I have a passion for helping others which brought me to this job. I hope in the near future I will be able to be connected with you and chat away on end.