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About US

Our Story

Dealing with the challenges of today such as experiencing prolonged times of isolation, caused by the pandemic and various other reasons. Gwin Masaka and Dr Caroline Lee created Social Call Services to combat isolation, they both have extensive experience in Health and Social Care with a teaching and nursing background respectively.




We act with integrity and we do our best to stick to our word, we maintain transparency to show our integrity.

We care 

We care about the community and the people around us, we desire to bring people together through our service. In addition to this we care about our employees and clients and we try to build a sense of community in our work place. We support people with person centred care.



We maintain professionalism with all people, at all times, we are diplomatic, respectful and do our best to support people the best way we know how to.

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Social Call Services wants to spread our message of hope

and compassion to those who may be losing hope.

Meet The Team

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