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  • Gwin Masaka

why it’s okay to feel sad or angry sometimes.

Just like you cant have the day without the night or you can’t have Ying without yang, it’s okay to not feel at your best or just simply not be in the mood. We as a society try to emphasize that the perfect human is someone who is always cheerful and happy, always willing to help and do anything for their fellow man and someone who never shows negative emotions. We always put a damper to our feelings of sadness or anger when we realize we may have overreacted to a situation or believe we have no good reason to feel sad or even depressed. Not saying that over excessive anger or overwhelming feelings of sadness are good, anyone with anger problem or depression will have to seek help, just like everything in life too much of anything isn’t good for you.

What I feel we have to realise in life is that everything is about balance we have to lose something to realise how much we appreciate it. Just like those rainy days we all had when we waited all week to go somewhere but its now cancelled because of the rain, at that moment we would do anything for the sun to come back out, but the whole week that the sun was out we hardly noticed it or even had a thought in the back of our head that we would be wishing that the sun would come back.

I can remember about 2 years ago during the winter I wanted their to be a Christmas with snow because It was a very long time since I had experienced one. The snow did come that year and its probably the most snow I’ve seen in my life. The snow lasted for about a whole month, whenever the snow on the ground would melt there was always a fresh new batch of it the next morning. Eventually I got tired of the snow and just wished I could see another sunny day again. I use this as a good example because before the winter I had the sun the entire time, but now that its gone I wanted it to come back. This is just like sadness and happiness. When we are happy we just assume this is how we should always feel and any other emotions of sadness, anger, anxiety are all negative. However the only way we can actually appreciate the happiness is when we do feel and experience all the different emotions. Just like a rich kid born into wealth, all the many and freedom that they have just feels natural to them and they wouldn’t be as appreciative of their money as like poor farmer who has struggled all his life who suddenly wins the lottery.

There was a youtuber I used to watch in my mid teens who I almost considered a mentor, one video he spoke about how as people, we have “summers and winters” in our lives. Summers meaning periods in our life where we feel that we are the best version of ourselves, everything is working out and you just feel ontop of the world. Winters being the complete opposite, nothing works out for us, we never feel fully confident in the things we do and life just feels like an uphill climb. These summers and winters don’t necessarily have a time frame, but we can always tell when we are going through any of these seasons in our lives. No matter how you feel, with time that will eventually change.

All in all life is a balance, we need sadness to appreciate our happiness, we can’t have one without the other, so to me they are basically the same. So whenever you are feeling a bit down or just not in the mood, don’t try to ignore your feelings and tell yourself you should be happy. Appreciate how you are feeling in that exact moment, acknowledge that you do feel angry, uneasy and nervous. Eventually that will all pass and when something that does cheer you up or gets you excited comes around you appreciated it a lot more than you would normally have.

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