Our Services

Our services are designed:

  • to help reduce social isolation among older people, the disabled, those dealing with mental health issues and or life changing events in our communities through our virtual befriending telephone support using assistive technology to enable you or your loved ones in as much as is possible to independently get on with their activities of daily living and also increase their participation in local affairs and discourses that affects them.

  • to reduce avoidable and unplanned hospital admissions among the socially isolated, disabled, frail and older people. In October 2018, the then PM Theresa May launched the first Cross-Government strategy to tackle loneliness, three quarters of GPs surveyed have said they are seeing between one and five people a day suffering with loneliness, which is linked to a range of damaging health impacts, like heart disease, strokes and Alzheimer’s disease. This Social Call Service initiative gives continued support of isolated older people to be discharged from hospital when they are ready since they look forward to being discharged back to their homes, consequently thereby inducing low levels of delays in discharge from hospital

  • to use technology to build scenarios for socially isolated older people connecting them with other people, loved ones and or places of significance, across the United Kingdom, some of whom may be suffering from dementia and mental challenges wishing to construct important events in their past

  • to develop and implement safe, efficient, integrated and seamless cost-effective Social Call Service solutions that link and talk with other system

  • to handle service users with care, while upon request and permission, informing relevant authorities or nominated relatives of the service being rendered.

We have various companionship packages available:

  • Basic Plus 

  • Intermediate Plus 

  • Comprehensive Plus 

Talk to us to find out more: 01582 317660; 07946 363488 

Email us at: info@socialcallservices.com

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