P5MyCarePlan App.

P5Mycareplan supports residents/clients and families/representatives have an easy to use communication forum, with staff and management through simple to use, advanced “App technology”, Easy to support, easy to communicate 


Through technological innovations, the Care Sector now has a service like no other!

  • Any permissioned person can access the resident / client’s P5Mycareplan App from a Tablet or their phone, from anywhere.

  • Security is maintained through a set Username and Password and a Setting that must be issued by the organisation to link to the resident/client’s Platinum 5 details.

  • Staff at the Service can open the client’s home page on their computer and add details for the permissioned person’s to access.

  • The resident/client can then discuss and liaise with their family/representative or staff based on what is viewed on the App, and discuss, reminisce, assess and plan needs.

When residents / clients enter details into their mini ‘P5My’ forms, the details feed into the Platinum 5 program and the resident/client’s care plan.

  • Organisations determine which fields are Read or Write and which feed to the care plan.

  • Tasks/Events displayed in the App come from those linked to the resident’s profile.

  • Photos and documents loaded into Platinum 5 by staff can be made available to the App with the touch of a button. Residents/clients or families / representatives can then view photos or ask to have a document copy as named in the App e.g. pathology results or specialist reports.

  • Residents/clients can take photos from their phone/tablet for staff to view in the home page.

  • Residents/clients can also add documents from their device so staff can view them in Platinum 5.

Clients can complete the following ‘mini forms’ by either speaking into the App or typing their preferences:

 My A day in the life of
 My Advanced Health Directives
 My Allergies Sensitivities
 My Complementary Therapies
 My Creative pursuits/Hobbies
 My Cultural
 My Demographics
 My Dietary needs
 My Emotional Support
 My Favourites
 My Hygiene/Grooming/Dressing/Oral
 My Lifestory
 My Medical Diagnoses
 My Medical Health Management
 My Memory Recall
 My Mobility/Dexterity/Physio
 My Musculoskeletal
 My Pain
 My Podiatry
 My Relationship
 My Religious Spiritual
 My Risks/Safety Issues
 My Sensory
 My Skin/Tissue (Medical)
 My Skin/Tissue (Present)
 My Sleep
 My Social Pursuits
 My Speech/Communication/Vision
 My Toileting/Continence/Bowel


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